Gastbeitrag von Tor Andreas – The power of example

Tor Andreas LilleVi und Hündin Sita im Olderfjord

Tor Andreas LilleVi und Hündin Sita im Olderfjord

The power of the example

We must not let ourselves be deceived into fighting the old
struggle of the manners in the present civilization; the present does not deserve our attention.  We must show new roads, by going them ourselves.
It is the struggle for attention that characterizes the world today;
It gives us the golden opportunity to create something new.
In the tumult of the pursuit of focus.
Let us quietly and unnoticed build the world as we
want to experience it. Let us be the example for the coming world and go ahead and show how we want it.
No force is truer than the power of example. No power
is more powerful than the one you show the world when you
got courage to do it..
Today we stand at the wall. A new paradigm is about
to be born. Show perpetrators sister and brother. The time to
make plowshares has come.
Make a small quiet room in your mind. Shut out the madness
that rages around you, It’s the world as it was.
We are eternal aliens entering the next level of Gaia
history, and, we are many. Welcome Wikileaks,
welcome love polis, welcomes the Dalai Lama, welcome
star children, welcome the creation of what we do not know.
We have never been there before. We are rapidly into all
world prophecies. The thoughts and courage we
manifests will be, tomorrow’s world. We will learn
all surrounding to know. We will understand that the greatest
power is love. Love, love, love.
We reached the ripe old age in school children of Gaia. We have sailed
to this port for a long time. The Wisemans and women’s has understood
it and informed about it, „a long time“.
Now the climate in the human consciousness ripe to
receive the wisdom. We shall „proven“ to create the tank force. We
will manifest the “ courses”, and the direction of our
future. We must dream the birth of a new world.
You, you have the power to make it all happen. We are
all children should learn to walk. We are all children who will
understand that „we are the creator.“ As we want it, „it will be“.  the Aladdin lamp is true.
We have a good time. Eternity is a spacious place to be and
path becomes as we go. The terrain is varied and
the horizon is clear.
Revelation, Nostradamus. The sleeping prophet Edgar
Cache. Mayan calendar and Hopi predictions. They say all the
same! Do it now.
Iraq. Afghanistan. Cairo!  Economic crises and natural disasters.
A world of drugs, people without food. Most of the
human family suffers.
How can a family have it like this..
We are not waiting for Doomsday, but at the end of Day of Judgments.
Let’s get started. Let us create a new heaven and new earth.

From the heart
Tor Andreas LilleVi

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